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The KEYper MX electronic key management system is the most recent addition to the KEYper® line of electronic key management system products.  With all the trusted benefits as its predecessor – the KEYper Monarch – KEYper MX was designed to bring several new advantages and improved features to enhance your key and asset organization and accountability needs.

The KEYper MX is offered in 3 different cabinet sizes:

Small Cabinet: Controls up to 32 keys
Medium Cabinet: Controls up to 128 keys
Large Cabinet: Controls up to 288 keys

Multi-System: Customization up to 2000 keys


Small Cabinet

Medium Cabinet

Large Cabinet

Using a Windows Embedded based PC system controller, and state-of-the-art semiconductor technology, the KEYper MX electronically catalogs and tracks the keys used in your business – keeping a record of key removals and returns; by whom, when, and why! An electronically controlled steel cabinet is used to store and restrict access to keys, and can only be opened by commands from the system controller after a user is verified. Web-based Administration for the KEYper MX allows administrators to access the system from any PC  on your network, at any time.

Why KEYper MX?

  • Security: Only authorized users are able to access the electronic key management system. Customizable user      access groups allow for tighter control of higher security keys. An unauthorized key removal triggers a permanent log entry, as well as an email notification.

  • Convenience: Quick, easy-to-use web based software shows what keys are in, what keys are out, and to whom they are issued. Upon checkout, the appropriate key is indicated on the panel by flashing LEDs. In addition, the KEYper® system allows you to return any key to any location in the cabinet, and then learns the key’s new location.

  • Productivity: No more searching for, or replacing lost keys! Always know who took which key, when.

  • Reports: Electronic key management system reports can be generated and used to track business.

  • Accountability: Complete audit trail and reporting, by user and key activity. User accountability reduces lost keys. Fewer lost keys leads to lower expenses and improved security.

  • More Compact Design

  • Increased Capacity

  • Built in Speaker for Audible Alarms and Voice Prompts to Guide Users

  • More Energy Efficient

What’s New with KEYper MX?

Additional Video and Images

keyper-mx-small-closed-with-alarm (1).jp
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