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KEYper® MX+

The KEYper® MX+ electronic lock-in key management system is the most recent addition to the KEYper® line of electronic key management products. The KEYper® MX+ electronic key system expands the capabilities of the MX system. It contains all of the innovative features of the MX system while taking security to the next level by electro-mechanically locking each key in place. The KEYper® MX+ is ideal for keys and assets that require the highest level of security and accountability. Like all Elite Series electronic key management systems, the KEYper® MX+ can be customized to meet your key and asset management needs and will grow with your organization, with industry-leading storage and expansion capabilities.

Key fobs locked into a KEYper MX+ electronic key management system panel

Why KEYper® MX+

  • Accountability: Complete audit trail and reporting by user and key activity. User accountability reduces lost keys. Fewer lost keys leads to lower expenses and improved security.

  • Analytics: Complete reporting suite provides multiple reporting options to provide you with real-time data for your organization.  Reports can be automatically generated and sent to multiple users by email or SMS text.  Custom reports can be configured to meet your needs, and exported to excel for added convenience.

  • Security: Only authorized users are able to access the electronic key management system. Customizable user access groups allow for tighter control of higher security keys. Biometric Fingerprint, PIN, and Prox Card authentication can be used to access the KEYper® System for added security and control.  For added security, KEYper® offers a digital photo capture of each login.

  • Convenience: Quick, easy-to-use web based software shows what keys are in, what keys are out, and to whom they are issued. Upon checkout, the appropriate key is indicated on the panel by flashing LEDs. In addition, the KEYper® system allows you to return any key to any location in the cabinet, and then learns the key’s new location.

  • Productivity: No more searching for, or replacing lost keys! Always know who took which key, when.

KEYper® MX+ Features

  • Each Key Electromechanically Locked in Place

  • Visual & Audible Alarms

  • Prox or Swipe Card Reader Can Read Your Existing ID Cards

  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

  • Emergency Fob Release Capability

  • Security Photo Capture

  • Multi-System Networking, Integration, API

GSA Listed​

Serving NAICS Codes

  • 334111, 334118, 334290, 334512, 334519, 337215, 541330, 541512, 541519, 561621

Serving PSC Codes

  • 6515, 7510, 7520, H159, 7030, 3590, 6350, 6640, 7125, 5810, 7420, D318



  • 4QYM4


  • 14-4906075

Large steel KEYper MX+ lock-in fob key management system cabinet on stand
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