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KEYper® Nite Drop Zone Key Management

The KEYper® Nite Drop Zone key drop box and key vault offers your customers the ultimate in after-hours convenience when dropping off vehicles and keys. Our convenient, reliable and secure key vault answers to late nite or early morning service department business provides your dealership with simple, smart and affordable ways to be of service to your customers, even when you’re not there!







Give your customers the convenience they deserve with the KEYper® Nite Drop Zone key drop box. To drop off their vehicle, or rental keys, customers simply complete a convenient and familiar service envelope, insert their keys, and drop the envelope in the KEYper® Nite Drop Zone Vault. Easy to understand decals explain the key drop box and key management process. There’s no need for a separate mail slot. It’s time to avoid lost keys, smudged envelopes, etc. Even improve your service revenue by displaying specials in the envelope holder place card!

Product Features

  • Heavy duty steel construction with durable powder coat finish

  • Weather Resistant

  • No worry, theft resistant design. Once envelope is deposited into the vault it cannot be removed without the key.

  • Convenient pull down writing surface uses gas props to assist motion.

  • Easy, bolt-through the wall installation.

  • Dimensions: 22″H x 19″W x 12″D

  • Weight: 70 lbs. (UPS Shippable)

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